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Offer from @Eva Ducati
0.1 ETH

Apr 25, 2022 17:15:41

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"This NFT drop by Dundas x DRESSX features unique 3d artworks by DRESSX and DUNDAS original sketches of the performance outfits and a unique red-carpet accessory with digital wearable utility and the opportunity to wear the stage outfits in AR and on the editorial images that look just like real, which is powered by DRESSX. The buyers of the NFTs are not only collecting the unique fashion and music artifacts, but also get access to the Dundas world community and get invited to the New York Fashion Week DUNDAS Party in Autumn 2022.

The buyer of this NFT will receive:
- A unique 3D motion artwork of the bag by DUNDAS and DRESSX
- An exclusive DUNDAS Martini Goose Bag from the red carpet
- An opportunity to wear this accessory on the editorial photo that will look like real
- Four (4) tickets to the exclusive DUNDAS WORLD New York Fashion Week party hosted by Peter Dundas in New York City this Fall. The exact date, time, and location are TBD and subject to change. All parties must be at least 21 years of age to attend."

Minted by @DUNDAS

Apr 04, 2022 00:21:41

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