• Announced Mar 20, 2023

IoDF The Fashion Awards 2022

IoDF brings a red carpet couture moment to your closet: The Fashion Awards 2022 NFT launch - own a part of fashion history! Progressing from their sold out drop, the 2021 World’s First red carpet digital fashion moment, that was seen famously on Kristan McMenemy and a host of celebrities, became a cultural moment and drove impact on the digital fashion industry, IoDF now brings you the second iteration. IoDF: The Fashion Awards 2022 - is an exclusive moment released in partnership with DRESSX, providing an opportunity to own a part of digital fashion history The NFT crystallizes the moment that this digital garment was launched exclusively with Vogue Italia at The Fashion Awards live on the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall in London. “The Institute of Digital Fashion brought digital couture and the metaverse to the iconic awards night of the British Fashion Awards 2022.” - Vogue Italia Worn by celebrities such as Black Peppa, Christine Quinn, Raye, Jodie Turner-Smith, Alva Claire and Paloma Elsesser. IoDF routes projects within big cultural moments like the red carpet in order to bring radical environmental discourse to the masses and build recognition around digital fashion and its potential to change the fashion landscape. The activation continues the IoDF's commitment to educate and raise awareness about digital fashion, creating a couture garment suitable for all genders and bodies, accessible to all. With 6 World’s Firsts “...IoDF is one of a handful of digital fashion startups that have spearheaded Web3 in luxury in the last two years.” -Vogue Business IoDF believe in the democratization of fashion by putting people and the planet first ‘At the end of the world do you need more clothes’ IoDF believes in bringing this “red carpet moment” into the hands and homes of new audiences- this is your chance to own couture. 001 Collection: The Fashion Awards 2022. Visually building off of couture notions mixed with classic metal work shapes to create a simultaneously empowering duality of aesthetics, this garment introduces a new staple to the IoDF 001 Collection. An exploration around gender discourse by embracing style codes which have both feminine and masculine nuances.