Olska – founder of Ecoolska from her childhood was fascinated by fashion shows. From the age of 13 Olska sewed clothes for herself and her mother. At the age of 17, she graduated from courses in cutting and sewing, design and modeling, and at 22 she opened her own atelier. At 24, she opened her first office wear brand. In April 2021 Olska launched a sustainable fashion brand Ecoolska in Portugal, Lisbon.

In 2017, Olga began to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, studying the consequences of fashion on the environment. It prompted Olska to think that the fashion industry needs to be changed. In 2020 Olga began to study in depth the topic of ecology and environmental pollution caused by fashion production. The issues of ecology, sustainable development and ethics have always worried Olska, therefore she never used fur and leather and fur when creating her collections.

At the moment the brand Ecoolska has 3 main directions: eco-fashion, upcycling and digital fashion. Brand mission is to move the fashion industry to circular economy and conscious consumption: use only organic, biodegradable, innovative or recycled fabrics with natural dyes. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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Olska has created her twin sister 3D-avatar in virtual space and now it is presented as a brand ambassador of Ecoolska.

“I would like us to move together into a new reality of conscious production and consumption, reasonable use of natural resources, recycling, innovation, high technology, harmonious relationships between people, equality, good attitude to animals and respect for the personality of each person,”- says Olska.

Let us develop a circular economy, practice upcycling and support environmental organizations together!