Diverge - is the Metaverse fashion brand and ecosystem, creating high-end wearables and experiences for virtual realities.

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DIVERGE Genesis Drop — is a limited edition of one-of-a-kind 3D pieces called the “IT Bags of the Metaverse”.
We are a team from Ukraine, based in Los Angeles, with extensive experience in the fashion industry. We believe that in the future, it will be more exciting to dress-up your avatar than picking your outfit in the physical world. Having this vision in mind, our team is driven to bring the high-fashion aesthetic into the Web 3 space.
Inspired by the notion of the “IT bag” in the traditional fashion world, DIVERGE is bringing that same “IT bag” energy into the Metaverse.
In games, the backpack represents your digital closet. We are blending these concepts together and creating the “IT BAG of the Metaverse”.