XBINARY transforms, adapts, and transcripts a curated selection of artworks by Kris Ruhs to the digital realm, creating unique crypto art pieces, augmented reality experiences and Metaverse-ready collectibles.

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Seven of Kris Ruhs’ unique sculptural jewelry pieces were selected by Xbinary for  the “Genesis Jewelry” collection. Each piece has been transformed to its’ augmented reality (AR) digital replica.
Staying focused on the concept that things may be identical in essence but never in reality, Kris Ruhs uses an ongoing multiplication of organic shapes to re-invent the inexhaustible expression of nature through the materials he uses to work.
In this case, pieces are of silver, crafted by his knowing hands. He forges and sculpts each piece of his jewelry, making them one-of-a-kind.
Now, using AR and digital light, a new expression of the singular essence of each piece can be experienced by every viewer through this unique partnership with DRESSX.