Outer Edge LA, the largest gathering of cultural influencers and Web3 innovators to hit the American West Coast, is a 4-day gathering that will facilitate vital conversations and connections between some of the most prominent innovators across culture, technology, and entertainment while featuring panels, presentations, and experiences from more than 100 executives, influencers and artists who are building at the intersection of culture and technology to usher in a new era of digital creativity.

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Outer Edge | LA is an independently organized experience put on by the Edge of NFT podcast, a sibling brand under The Edge Of Company — a multifaceted tech, media, and events company that's committed to empowering, building and co-creating the future of Web3.

Exploring NFTs and Web3 is in our blood. We go beyond the surface level alpha and dive deep into the nitty gritty with top innovators and thought leaders to explore how NFT and Web3 tech will change the world.